Beauty lovers now have another podcast to tune into each week.

Today, IPSY, the popular beauty subscription box brand, is unveiling its new video podcast series, Hitting Pan (slang for “using up” a beauty product).

The first season includes 10 episodes, with a new show dropping every Thursday. The second season will go into production later this year.

Hitting Pan is the latest beauty-focused podcast to arrive on the scene. Other popular shows in the category include Fat Mascara (launched in 2016), which is hosted by beauty journalists Jessica Matlin and Jennifer G. Sullivan and has racked up more than 4 million downloads; and Gloss Angeles (launched in 2019), which is hosted by beauty editors Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan and is consistently ranked among Apple’s top 10 fashion and beauty offerings. Both offer an insider’s view of the beauty industry and feature interviews with experts on all sides of the business, including brand founders, doctors, makeup artists, hair stylists, and product formulators.

With Hitting Pan, host Bethany Blair, IPSY’s Senior Director of Content, is going for a similar format and vibe. The video series is filmed in a heavy-on-the-pink podcast studio inside IPSY’s Santa Monica headquarters.

Blair says the idea for the series originated when she and her team were discussing ways to reinvigorate the brand’s YouTube channel.

“YouTube has always been such a big part of the IPSY experience, and it’s how we got our start with creators, but we put it aside to focus on TikTok and Instagram. Someone on our social team suggested a podcast that we could shoot, cut up into a million things, and use on all channels — and that became the idea for an actual podcast,” says Blair.

The first five episodes have already been filmed, and the first two drop today, featuring makeup-artist-turned-brand-founder Patrick Starr and content creator Stephanie Valentine, who goes by Glamzilla. Each episode runs between 30 and 45 minutes and is a free-flowing conversation. Future episodes will spotlight content creator Chrisspy, who disappeared off social media for a while and will talk about her re-emergence; brand founder Danessa Myricks; and makeup artist Alexandra French, who is best known for her work on Euphoria. Blair envisions Hitting Pan as a way for beauty brands to share breaking news or for founders to tell their origin stories. At its core, she expects the podcast will tap into the sense of community that beauty consumers love.

“People in the beauty community form a connection with other beauty lovers through a shared obsession with the same mascara,” says Blair. “At IPSY, we have relationships with all the brands and the best talent, and a podcast likes this can show our community again that we are experts in this space. We’ve gotten used to short form content — tutorials, hacks — and most of our videos are under a minute long. But we are bringing back this longform content that people used to love and engage with,” she says.  The content will be available on IPSY’s YouTube channel, as well as platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast and iHeart.

The media landscape can certainly support more podcasts in the beauty arena, says media strategist Aggie Burnett, founder of New York-based strategy firm AB Creative and a self-proclaimed fan of Lipstick on the Rim and Breaking Beauty. “Many of the beauty podcasts available have been consistently live since 2017, so I feel confident to say that not only are they relevant but they are here to stay,” she says.

“[Podcasts] are also a great tool for nurturing a deeper connection with your audience,” Burnett continues, “and they are a great opportunity to dive deeper….into the details of the DNA of the brand. For IPSY, a podcast is an opportunity to showcase all of the amazing founders they partner with, allowing them to reach a wider audience and continue to grow brand reach in a more comprehensive way.”

Blair says that she and her team are already in talks for season two, given the enthusiastic feedback they received from the podcast teasers they posted on YouTube. “[Those teasers] have been some of our most engaged posts this month,” she says. “People see us as the glue that holds a lot of the industry together, and they trust us to bring in talent to tell their stories.”