While the team at CEW feverishly prepares for tomorrow’s epic Beauty Bazaar event where 240 of the best beauty products will be on display (and taken home by guests in a swag bag valued at $700), the beauty world has their eyes on biotech launches and backlash to bullish comments made by influencer and entrepeneur Li Jiaqi, who may have finally nailed the coffin on his reign as China’s self proclaimed lipstick king with his latest viral episode. After issuing an apology for insulting a viewer—his mea culpa racked up 500 MM views in under two days—he returned to the air this week but his reputation is in tatters. What does this incident say about the strength of the Chinese economy and consumer confidence? You can read this story and others at the links below.

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Indie spotlight: Ourself Biotech Skin Care Went Viral Right Out of the Gate 

Carving out a new niche of “subtopical skin care” the brand uses a proprietary delivery system to deliver results designed to be on par with professional treatments. (CEW)

China’s Self Styled “Lipstick King” Austin Li Comes Under Fire—Again. 

Li Jiaqi, who has 76 million followers on Taobao’s livestreaming platform, once sold 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes. But last week he was forced to issue a teary apology after getting into a viral spat with a viewer in which he questioned whether a viewer had been working “hard enough” to afford a product he was selling. The backlash highlights the ongoing challenges of the world’s second largest economy, which is experiencing record youth unemployment, a lull in export demand, and weak consumer spending. (Beauty Matters)

With the Launch of HigherDose, Sephora Moves Into Wellness Tech 

Will the brand’s lip-gloss loving, beauty junkies cough up nearly $700 for a crystal-infused recovery mat or an infrared mask that makes them look like a beauty cyborg? With surging interest in biohacking, Sephora is bullish. (Beauty Independent)

Four Fonts that Will Help Get You a Job in 2023

What, you’re not already using Calibri, Caramond, Lato or Verdana? You’re welcome. (Forbes)

Just In Case You Didn’t See Those Simone Rochas Crocs

Someone get me a glue gun! (WWD)

And Speaking of Glam Mashups: Check out Rimowa X Tiffany & Co. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better than Barbie X Beis, Rimowa dropped the mic. Is carry-on luggage the new it bag? (WWD)