It is UOMA Beauty’s fourth anniversary and founder Sharon Chuter’s mission to make inclusion and equality the norm is far from accomplished.

The brand’s latest campaign, We See You, has been more than a year in the making. The campaign’s message circles back to Sharon’s original reason for creating UOMA, and other initiatives, including Pull Up for Change and Make it Black.

“It’s time for me to have the same conversation we’ve been having, but in a different way,” says Sharon. “Look how willing we were in 2020 to listen to equality and inclusion but it was never really adopted — it didn’t last for long. It got hijacked as ‘woke’ culture.”

The centerpiece for her latest effort is a video featuring models Jasmine Sanders, Leomie Anderson, and Tayce along with people of all ethnicities, gender, age, and abilities. The film opens up in black and white, then evolves into pops of vivid colors. The message challenges the refrain of “not seeing color.”

“When people say, ‘I don’t see color,’ what it really means is they don’t really see people for who they are. Color goes beyond just the color of people’s skin. Color is about identity, history, where people come from, and how their heritage moves them forward,” Sharon says. “Where race comes in is with heritage, which helps you learn who you are,” she says.

Calling it her brand’s anthem, the video will be used in long form on YouTube with an abbreviated version on other social platforms. The video’s parting message spells out, Why would anyone not want to see color when there are so many beautiful colors to see? We see it that your color is your color and to say you don’t see it is to never really see you at all.

“UOMA Beauty exists to inspire authentic self-expression,” Sharon says. “And the first step to being authentic and living true to yourself is self-love. You have to love yourself enough to be okay to show up exactly as you are. On the other end, we need to be okay to include you exactly as you are, and this is the role UOMA Beauty plays. We see you and celebrate you for you — your heritage, your story, your scars, your beauty, your peculiarities. This is what makes the world beautiful. Beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself.”

The campaign kicks off April 28. UOMA is sold on UOMA Beauty and in Ulta Beauty and Nordstrom.