Boris Oak

Founder & CEO


Boris has always been a hair enthusiast. His entry into the industry started at age 12 when his mother opened a hair salon. As a newly arrived immigrant family from the former Soviet Union, Boris spent most of his days (and nights!) swirling gels, mixing mousses and playing with products. Two decades later, Boris helped this once-small shop grow into a major salon operation with a strong retail culture. Spurred by his extensive product expertise and interest in health and wellness, Boris saw the need for a high-performance haircare brand that was as clean as it was effective. So in 2009, he launched EVOLVh—pioneering the way and elevating the game for the Clean Beauty hair movement.

One of the first brands to introduce skincare actives and a multi-step regimen philosophy into haircare, Boris’ science forward approach at EVOLVh continues to push product performance boundaries while also being at the forefront of green chemistry standards and sustainability. EVOLVh partners with the industry’s most scientifically advanced ingredient suppliers and is often first to market with new leading edge innovation.

When not driving innovation at EVOLVh, Boris is an avid skier and lover of music, and on occasion can be found at the keys of a piano or saxophone.