Caroline Fabrigas


Scent Marketing Institute

Why is CEW membership important to you?

I’ve been a CEW member for many years and so proud to have served on the CEW board for 10 years.

CEW has been one of the most important resources throughout the evolution of my career. From sharing insights with likeminded people, to industry insights gained by attending the exciting array of regularly scheduled events, to the power of networking with colleagues and beauty leaders and the ability to contribute to CEW Cancer and Careers, have all combined to provide a high level of professional enrichment.

What advice would you give someone who is inspired by your career and one day wants to be in a similar position?

I believe that enthusiasm is the key to success. To be “in love” with what you do and to find others who share the same passion is key.

Always be open to taking on more responsibility, even if it is beyond your comfort zone. I’ve always believed that reward comes with time, as such, focus on the experience you will need to learn to reach your desired position.

Utilize the power networking to “give a hand” to others, as they lend you a hand to help you further your goals.

Volunteer your time. I have meet some of my closet industry friends and most valued contacts through serving on event committees and volunteering time as a mentor and advisor.

Ask for help and explore all of the wonderful career building tools that CEW provides.

How important has mentorship been in your career journey?

Mentorship has had a significant impact for me throughout my career. I’ve been blessed with many positive role models who have been given generously of heart and mind and shared their intellect, advice and encouragement with me. Mentors have helped me to understand my strengths and balance them with my weaknesses to create a well-rounded skill set