Elaine Sack


RMS Beauty

Why is CEW membership important to you? 

I love any female-centric support system that is available to professionals but also importantly, CEW has been so supportive of all things rms beauty over the years, and we have looked to your insight, leadership, and industry knowledge as the standard.  It is just such an invaluable resource.

What do you love most about working in the beauty Industry?

It is so amazing to look back and see how one idea can become an entirely tangible product.  There are a million steps between the two, but it truly is the art of creation.

What do you feel is the most important quality for someone to possess in order you have a successful career?

Harmony. I hate the word “balance” because that is simply impossible so find harmony between your career and home life where you accept that each piece is going to be less than you want at times but that’s ok.   And constantly upgrade yourself meaning take that extra webinar, listen to another industry podcast, take that excel course…you get the idea!

How do you think this past year will impact the future of the beauty industry?

Digital will continue to rule.  I don’t believe stores will ever become obsolete, but discovery is truly all happening online, and I think consumers are spoiled with how much information is coming to them versus them seeking it out.