Gail Federici

Gail Federici


Federici Brands

What motivated you to start your company?

I was born with frizzy hair and a passion to resolve that problem.

What advice do you have for indie brands?

Don’t go head-to-head with the big corporations. Play the game differently. Be authentic. Understand your consumer and build a strong relationship.

What must-read publications have inspired you?

Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos’s “The Everything Store,” Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness,” William Manchester’s books on Winston Churchill, various books on the Navy Seals, as well as Edmond Morris’s books on Teddy Roosevelt.

Why do you love indie beauty?

Indie brands are born of passion, not marketing machines.

What do you hope to give back by being an Indie Advisor?

Insight I’ve gained through my 30-year journey.