Jamie Sztoser

VP, Fashion & Media

The Dreamcatchers / Choice Fashion & Media

Sisters Marissa Klein and Jamie Sztoser know a little something about dreaming BIG. The powerhouse duo runs the fashion/media division of their family’s staffing firm in NYC, Choice Associates (www.choicepersonnelinc.com). They have built a brand around helping others and good energy. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, they both also have several successful side-hustles and pride themselves on inspiring others to chase their dreams.

In 2018, they launched their podcast, The Dreamcatchers, to raise their voices and reach a larger audience as career experts and motivational speakers. In Spring 2020, they introduced the dreamcatchers web, an inclusive professional membership network dedicated to cultivating community and providing content about career, inspiration + making magic.

Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops,” dreamcatchers were traditionally used to protect sleeping children from bad dreams and nightmares. When hung in a place where the morning sunlight can hit it, the dreamcatcher attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below. Bad dreams, however, are caught up in its protective net and destroyed, burned up in the light of day.

Known in their personal and professional worlds as lightworkers, igniters, and most of all, believers, Marissa and Jamie are not only dreamers, but they are doers, and their inspiring energy is contagious. They are your “go-to girls” for all things career…but they also know a little about a whole lot, from business to motherhood, work-life balance to the newest trends. They truly embody what it means to chase your dreams and build your dreams…so you can ultimately catch your dreams.

A lifelong dancer, Jamie also consults as the Director of Operations for Tootsie Olan Productions, a NYC-based dance and yoga brand, and POE, a NJ-based yoga, dance and barre studio. Additionally, she serves as the Recording Secretary on her hometown PTA. In addition to being very active in the community and the classroom, the sisters also conceptualized and co-chair several notable local events, including their annual We’re Going Streaking for Breast Cancer fundraiser and the Holiday Shopping Boutique at their temple. They also recently entered a partnership with two co-working spaces, Luminary in NYC and Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, to create content and networking opportunities for their members and communities. The sisters have both moderated several panels and find great joy in speaking to audiences both large and small about career, inspiring others to #leadwithlight.

Marissa and Jamie are originally from Harrington Park, NJ, a small town in Bergen County. Marissa graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in business and Jamie from the University of Michigan with a degree in communications. They both spent many years in Manhattan and Hoboken before landing gracefully in Fair Haven, NJ with their families. Marissa is loving #beachburbia with her husband David, her two beautiful dreamers, Sienna and Summer, and her poodle Simba Rose….and Jamie followed suit with her husband, also a David, and their two adorable boys, Sam and Elliot.