Kristy Watson

Chief Marketing Officer

Erno Laszlo

Kristy Watson serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Erno Laszlo. Since joining the company in 2015 she has been leading the charge in modernizing the brand’s manifesto to attract both new consumers while maintaining their long-standing and highly valued devotee relationships. Prioritizing Erno Laszlo’s reputation as a ‘results first’ brand Kristy is merging the rich 90yr heritage with breakthrough product innovations each one building upon the franchises for which the brand is best known.

At the heart of Erno Laszlo is female empowerment, expressed through catering for every individual as a unique person with different needs. Through this determination to give all women control over their skin and through this the confidence to fulfill their dreams, Erno Laszlo is returning to its founding principles of personalized rituals. Early next year the company will be announcing a major initiative to improve the self-image amongst women.

Another key initiative within Erno Laszlo is their green and sustainable by 2020. This program was launched in 2007 when the company drew up its first sin list against which all new product formulations were benchmarked. More recently the plan has been gathering momentum with Kristy playing and integral role in its delivery.

Erno Laszlo is experiencing exceptional growth in North America and more recently has expanded into China. Under Kristy’s stewardship the brand plans to expand their brick and mortar locations with stand-alone boutiques in Shanghai and New York in late 2019. And continued expansion through Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew. Additionally, Kristy has led the brand onto Amazon Luxury Beauty, and many domestic and International .com retailers.  In early summer 2019, will be unveiling their new platform with revolutionary technology for a best-in-class shopping experience and a more human connection to the brand.

Kristy manages the creative, brand, sales and ecommerce team that leads domestic and Asian efforts. She is accelerating the brand’s social media strategy, expanding the Instagram and Facebook presence while launching a global WeChat strategy to connect directly with the Erno Laszlo customer in China. Kristy introduced their influencer marketing initiative in the US and Asia and continues to partner with key opinion leaders and brand ambassadors to drive the brand’s messaging and new products.