Sarah McNamara


Naturally Serious Skin

As career-driven women and mothers on the go, longtime friends Rochelle Jacobs and Sarah McNamara wanted clean and conscious products that supported their active lifestyles and personal values. In their search for the “perfect” skin care, Rochelle and Sarah discovered most products were far from perfect. Much to their dismay, many products that claimed to be clean and conscious actually had unwanted ingredients and questionable brand philosophies. Unable to find skin care they could truly trust in—and unwilling to compromise their ideals—Rochelle and Sarah created Naturally Serious with the goal of taking out the guesswork for other time-strapped women like themselves and those making their first foray into clean skin care.

Armed with years of beauty industry experience and expertise, Rochelle and Sarah worked tirelessly with top chemists to develop clinically clean, consciously formulated skin care that seriously delivered. The result: Naturally Serious products that are completely free of B.A.D. (Banned, Ambiguous or Debatable) ingredients and full of benefits. Clinically tested to visibly improve and combat signs of aging from environmental damage, Naturally Serious is also sustainably packaged and 100% cruelty-free. Finally, you have the power to glow forward and do it all—without second-guessing what’s on your skin!