Shani Darden


Shani Darden Skin Care

Intimately obsessed with skin, Shani Darden has been about finding skin care solutions since she was a teenager struggling with acne. Training as an esthetician under a leading Beverly Hills dermatologist, she learned hands-on how to deal with every kind of skin condition in an environment where the beauty standards are incredibly high.

Maximizing results, minimizing hype, creating product she couldn’t find, and eliminating downtime, Shani built her Studio and her reputation as one of the most sought-after estheticians in the world. Shani is trusted by A-list faces in Hollywood including the likes of Shay Mitchell, Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kristen Stewart, Anya Taylor-Joy and many others. Now these principles are the signatures of her glow-inducing facials and skin care collection. Shani Darden Skin Care is her way to share her honest approach to skin with as many people as possible.