Sharon Chuter

Founder & CEO

UOMA Beauty

‘Beauty starts the moment you start to be yourself’ and being yourself is what Sharon Chuter, the founder of the first Afropolitan makeup brand UOMA is all about.

Born in Nigeria, 32-year-old Sharon has been on a mission to wake up and shake up the beauty industry since she was a teenager. Frustrated that none of the major beauty brands were sold in her home country, she was determined to change this and was single handedly responsible for bringing Revlon to Nigeria.

After moving to Australia and working her way up through some of the biggest names in beauty, from L’Oréal to LVMH (by way of a short drinks break at Pepsi), Sharon found herself yet again frustrated by the beauty industry’s inability to create products that cater to a diverse audience.
Rebellious by nature, this was another opportunity for her to stand up and fight for inclusion.”

This belief was the start of Sharon’s journey to create UOMA Beauty. As a woman of color, she understood very well the deep impact the lack of representation has on women. Sharon created a makeup brand, through which she could use her voice as an advocate for self-love, authentic self-expression and her deep beauty industry experience to push her agenda forward and challenge the system, with products that are not only ground breaking in innovation but are also exceptional in quality and created for every woman from the inception.

As both Founder and Creative Director of UOMA, Sharon has taken a hands-on approach to creating a makeup range that is forward thinking, radical and uncompromising. UOMA is beyond beauty, it’s a global movement. This is makeup with meaning. Makeup with emotion. Makeup with Afro roots. This is the start of the Afropolitan beauty revolution and all are welcome to this beautiful tribe.