Suveen Sahib

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

Suveen Sahib, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of K18, is a champion of innovation and leader in the global biosciences space.

Suveen had an aha! moment when he realized nature was the best answer to solving the needy hair cycle and biotechnology was the path to get there. Fueled by his passion for “less is more,” Suveen saw an opportunity to bring new technology to an industry rooted in decades of outdated cosmetic chemistry. After working with top bioscientists who spent 10 years mapping and testing the entire protein expression of the keratin genome—unlocking deeper understandings of hair than ever before—the K18PEPTIDE™ was born.

Powered by clinically proven, patented science and a simple offering: reverse hair damage in 4 minutes, K18 molecular repair launched during the pandemic, quickly gaining icon status as the #1 hair care brand on social media and buzz from the pro community and at-home users alike, growing to a global community in 100+ countries in its first 18 months.

With more than 20 billion TikTok views, 25+ prestigious awards (WWD Product of the Year, Glossy 50, Fast Company’s Most Innovative) and a growing lineup of intentional, science-backed haircare solutions, Suveen remains focused on delivering innovations that unlock radical simplicity, speed, and hair freedom for all.