Tim Natividad

US Head of Enterprise Sales


Tim Natividad is the US Head of Enterprise Sales at TikTok. His team is responsible for enabling the
practice of Community Commerce, Reach and Frequency buying, and self-service advertising. In short, the team helps advertising customers make TikToks, not ads, particularly at a time when consumers are
smarter than ever and value authenticity over traditional advertising.

Natividad joined TikTok in 2021. The entirety of his career has been spent in digital media and prior to his time at TikTok he held previous leadership positions at Roku, Amazon, and Google. At Roku he enabled the growth behind the launches of Disney Plus, Peacock, Discovery Plus, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus.

He joined Amazon in 2015 and led the Global Search and Performance Advertising business to enable
revenue growth for CPG and Consumer Electronics industries along the secular shift to e-commerce

With pit stops in Texas, Rhode Island, Cambodia and New York, Natividad currently lives in Los Angeles
with his two dogs and family.