Consumers are hungry to learn more about the makeup they put on their face. Whether it’s a highlighter to help them create bone structure or a concealer to even out skin tone, searches for face makeup are strong. According to Spate, on average, the category receives 5.4 million searches per month, indicating consistent demand for items that enhance and perfect facial features. From multifunctional palettes to adaptive formats, this category presents a vast and exciting landscape for brands to explore.
Across complexion, new products are constantly emerging, many providing an innovative application experience. For example, trending highlighter sticks and bronzers offer a convenient application with high-payoff, single-swipe color that’s great for social media visuals. Other top trends are all about creating a flawless look. Bronzers and concealers are used to even out skin tone and create a natural glow. Color correctors help cover up any redness, blemishes, or dark circles. Clear blush gives cheeks a subtle color-changing flush, while black highlighters bring out facial features for a dramatic effect.
Across complexion, there lies a unique opportunity to capitalize on trends with low search volumes and unbranded searches. Consumers are increasingly focusing on maximizing utility, seeking out multifunctional face palettes that cater to their diverse needs.

Spate Co-founder Yarden Horwitz adds, “Recently, we’ve observed a shift in consumer interest towards niche offerings within the face makeup category. New players that are quick to market with innovative products have a chance to make their mark in this competitive landscape.”

In this report, Spate explores more trends like these and discusses how they can be used to achieve a desired look or streamlined makeup routine. Judging by the emergence of innovation alongside complexion classics, brands must play into creative formats, bold colors, and various textures to stay relevant.