In 2023, legendary French perfumer, Diptyque Paris introduced the 1st luxury scented candles for which offers refills: “Les Mondes de Diptyque” (“The Worlds of Diptyque”). Les Mondes de Diptyque delicately interprets a number of little-known but remarkable places, each featuring its own captivating blend of nature and culture. Made up of 5 different scents, Nymphées Merveilles, Temple des Mousses, La Vallée du Temps, Terres Blondes, and La Forêt Rêve, each meant to open a doorway to a different, faraway world, is housed in a striking, perfect glass oval comprising three stacked tiers. The oval design recalls the outline that symbolizes the Maison’s iconic symbol and was created by Cristina Celestino, a designer chosen for her work in glass.