Look glowier, bouncier and younger in just 2 weeks* with a formula that packs 10,000+ plus MicroPeptide Needles per bottle. Our next-gen serum power-treats skin with proven, cutting-edge anti-agers that can take years off the aging clock in weeks. Gently massage serum into face and our peptide-infused, hyaluronic acid crystals create microscopic pathways, then melt to allow the hyaluronic acid and breakthrough age-proofing peptides inside to soak into skin.
These exclusive, anti-wrinkle peptides, aka PowerPeptide-5, plus other hero actives like bakuchiol (nature’s retinol), target smile lines, crow’s feet & wrinkles by helping to support collagen production so skin looks firmer, smoother & younger from your first use. More you use it, the