RejuveNAD™ is the first ingredient which stimulates the enzyme NAMPT and with this boosts the endogenous production and recycling of NAD+ in the skin. NAD+ has been recognized as one of the most important longevity molecules in the past ten years. Yet, incorporation of NAD+ and its precursors into cosmetics failled due to its instability in formulations.
The innovative solution to this issue is RejuveNAD™, an active ingredient derived from organic sunflower sprouts, that naturally boosts NAD+ for skin longevity. With its holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, RejuveNAD™ meets the cosmetic industry’s everlasting demand for vital, youthful-looking skin. RejuveNAD™ is of 100% natural origin and is NATRUE certified, and COSMOS approved.