All the buzz this morning, April 13, is around the state of social media companies. It starts with a report by The New York Times on the state of employee morale at Meta, followed by the news that Pinterest will unveil new safety tools in response to last month’s explosive investigation by NBC News on the fact that the platform’s recommendation tool platform inadvertently made it easy for pedophiles to curate images of young girls. “As part of this on-going work, we’ll continue to focus on ways that we can keep teens safe,” the company says in a statement.

When it comes to beauty news, Jennifer Aniston’s hair-care brand, LolaVie, will enter Ulta Beauty by the end of the month, tattoo aftercare brand Mad Rabbit searches for its first retail partner, and model Shanina Shaik is set to launch a beauty product this fall. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Mass Layoffs and Absentee Bosses Create a Morale Crisis at Meta An investigation by The New York Times finds that the layoffs and absentee leadership have destroyed employee morale at the company. (The New York Times)

Scientists Are the True Stars in No7’s Biggest Skincare Launch To support its new science-backed range, No7 first gathered endorsements from the scientific community by unveiling the products at three scientific conferences this spring in the US, UK, and Tokyo. (AdWeek)

After an Investigation Exposes Its Dangers, Pinterest Announces New Safety Tools and Parental Controls Following an investigation by NBC News into how the social platform inadvertently made it easy for pedophiles to curate image boards of young girls, the company announced a new set of parental controls and an expansion of its age verification process. (Tech Crunch)

Exclusive: LolaVie, Ulta Beauty Ink Retail Partnership Founded by Jennifer Aniston in 2021, the brand will debut online on April 30 and rollout in all stores on May 14. (WWD)

With $10M in New Funding, Mad Rabbit Is Primed to Spearhead Tattoo Aftercare at Big-Box Retail. After focusing on direct-to-consumer for the past four years, it’s interested in a big-box retail home as well as a foray into tattoo parlors. (Beauty Independent)

How Instagram’s Logo Became Iconic Fast Company looks into the story of how Instagram’s logo went from a vintage Polaroid camera to its current ubiquitous gradient design. (Fast Company)

Walmart Closes Half of Its Chicago Stores, Signaling Urban Struggles The nation’s largest retailer has closed stores in D.C., Portland, and Atlanta, attributing the shutterings to a lack of profitability. (The Washington Post)

49% of Luxury Shoppers Believe Brands Should Offer More Than Purchase Opportunities In-Store: Report A new study shows that consumers are interested in heightened immersive offerings from their favorite stores. (Luxury Daily)

Is Your Job ‘Performative’? Why Workers Can’t Quit the Timeless Art of Looking Busy People analytics firm Visier surveyed 1,000 full-time employees and found that a majority of people still believe in the importance of performative work and are worried about how they’re perceived. (Fast Company)

Supermodel Shanina Shaik Has Big Plans in Beauty The Australian-born fashion model is launching a single product in September, with help from brand incubator Beaubble. (Glossy)