When women are young, they’re considered beautiful, and when they’re old they’re cute. But what about the (many, many) years in between? That’s what “The Invisible Woman” video campaign for Laura Geller Beauty explores in honor of National Mature Women’s Day on April 9. Starring actress, author, and producer Ali Wentworth, it’s a vital reminder that women 40-plus still have a lot to say.

“I’ve always been speaking to women over 40; that’s what my demographic has been,” says Laura Geller, founder of her eponymous beauty brand. “There is no shame in someone who has amassed all this great wisdom, who is finally getting comfortable in their own skin. These women, in my opinion, are ruling the world and should not feel overlooked. They are executives, creators, mothers, and grandmothers.”

National Mature Women’s Day was created in 2021 by Laura to celebrate women aged 40 and over creating a space to celebrate women as they are. “Every year we call attention to women over 40 because it’s symbolic of our mission,” Laura says, who has partnered with Bethenny Frankel and Paulina Porizkova on previous campaigns. “They tackle the prejudice and the invisibility of women and how they feel after 40,” Laura adds.

“The Invisible Woman” film aims to empower mature women by reminding them of their beauty and worth, rekindling their confidence along the way. Casting Ali was a no-brainer. “I’m personally a big fan. She’s such a New York icon. Her message is about celebrating your own beauty. She recently worked on the documentary, “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” spotlighting how older women can feel good about being themselves and comfortable in their own skin. Ali is passionate about telling women’s stories and we felt so aligned with her and her mission. She was the perfect person for us to collaborate with.”

Though all of the women Laura Geller Beauty has partnered with for National Mature Women’s Day are very different, they all have one thing in common: they’re powerhouses who are undeniably themselves. “They are high-profile women who embrace who they are,” Laura says. She notes that while Paulina has embraced aging naturally, Bethenny is forthcoming about Botox and other tweakments, and both points of view represent what it means to be a woman over 40, as well as the freedom to make those choices. “It was important that we aligned ourselves with people like that,” Laura adds.

In addition to the film, Laura Geller Beauty is celebrating National Mature Women’s Day by bringing back an aged-based discount on LauraGeller.com. The older you are, the more you save. If you’re 50 years old, you receive a 50% discount; 60-year-olds get 60% off, and so on. Those 40 and under get a flat 40% discount on April 9.

Ultimately, Laura hopes that National Mature Women’s Day and “The Invisible Woman” video remind women that makeup and beauty are fun at any age and are meant to enhance what you already have. “We’re telling women to feel empowered through beauty,” she says. “If you’ve got wrinkles, you could still make your skin look dewy and soft and malleable. Our business makes you feel good and we’re just trying to get that message out.”