Anisa Telwar Kaicker

Founder & CEO

Anisa International

Anisa Telwar Kaicker is the Founder and CEO of her namesake business, Anisa International. She started her business in 1992 and has pioneered the leadership, product development and culture of this globally branded business through the design and manufacturing of cosmetic brushes for makeup and skin care. She partners with the most esteemed brands in the beauty industry.

At the core of her strategic approach Anisa has grounded her business in three key commitments. She sates, “Through Quality without Compromise, Innovation that Inspires and Giving Back to our communities, I know we have positioned ourselves as the go-to leader in our industry. It’s the products we produce, the ideas we encourage and the people we align ourselves with that sets us apart.”

As a trusted authority, Anisa has built a reputation on creating the highest standard of innovative, quality-driven products in the beauty brush space and attributes much of this success to an unyielding commitment to transparency within the manufacturing process. In 2003 Anisa International vertically integrated their operations by opening their own manufacturing facility, Anisa China, in Tianjin. Fast-forward to 2020 and through substantial investment in social and environmental sustainability, Anisa has expanded her operations by opening two new state-of-the-art and facilities, Anisa Tianjin and Anisa Jinghai which are committed to cleaner, safer, responsible manufacturing and employs over 500 individuals dedicated to the practice of cruelty-free and ethically made products.

“Our mission at Anisa International is to redefine beauty by creating inclusive and innovative products that take care of our consumers, partners and society. We believe in making a difference and are proud to be paving the way in responsible beauty tool manufacturing and development, says Anisa (or ATK as she is fondly known in the business).

After almost 3 decades of providing superior products to the best brands in the business, Anisa further expanded her innovation by launching her own brand ofmspecialized cosmetic brushes focused on skin care and makeup application through ANISA Beauty.

ANISA Beauty found great success in its first year of operations. This new channel reaches the end consumer through a digitally native brand with an underlying intention of serving as an additional R&D platform. Consumer intelligence obtained from ANISA Beauty will provide critical feedback to further grow and support her long-standing beauty brand partners.

Anisa is a passionate creative that is bound to her professional work through a spirit of providing meaningful solutions that make consumers lives easier and more engaging when it comes to their beauty routines. Her personal reputation is equally notable and includes long-standing philanthropic contributions that span causes for homeless families, animals and the conservation of our environment.

“As business leaders, we have a responsibility to our communities. Part of this responsibility is to give back in a way that mindfully cultivates a culture of leaving a positive impact both today and for future generations.” – ATK