Kim Seymour

Chief People Officer


Kim Seymour has spent her career being a change agent driving the evolution of human resources teams to strongly contribute to business strategy and anticipate the ever-changing business environment. With over 20 years managing human resources from revenue-generating commercial businesses to vast global servicing organizations, Kim has a demonstrated ability to architect transformation, forge connections, deliver insights and link talent to strategy. A lifelong curiosity about what makes people join, perform, contribute, stay and elevate has made her an invaluable partner to senior leaders who understand that strong talent is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Kim joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) as Chief People Officer in April 2019 to lead WW’s  global strategy in all human capital. She oversees all aspects of the company’s human capital plan, with strong emphasis on talent, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.

Prior to joining WW, Kim spent a decade at American Express, most recently as Senior Vice President of Human Resources, where she developed and delivered impactful HR strategies for 65% of the company’s employees. Prior to Amex, Kim held successive roles at Home Depot and General Electric.

Throughout her career, Kim has been a trusted advisor and thought partner, building world-class business teams and ensuring that the people side of the business equation enables strategic growth plans. Kim wholeheartedly believes that talent, leadership and culture are the keys to winning, therefore she focuses on the quality of the talent and leadership in the business, the culture being created, the effectiveness of programs and policies, workforce dynamics, change leadership, succession pipeline, employee engagement, inclusive leadership and employer brand, among other key levers. Kim’s leadership is rooted in strong business acumen and has extended to many forward-thinking HR innovations in the areas of talent assessment, succession planning, organizational design, performance management, labor relations, benefits, acquisitions, divestitures, and coaching. Kim makes time to speak on all of these topics and her personal leadership philosophies to a variety of audiences globally.

Kim holds a JD from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Indiana University.