Marcela Melero

Vice President, Global Dove Skin Cleansing


Marela Melero, who goes by Mele, has spent the entirety of her impactful, 23-year career shaping
Unilever’s Beauty and Personal Care brands – specifically Dove – and pushing them beyond product to
have the most impact on people and communities around the globe. In her role as Global Vice President
of Marketing across Unilever’s Skin Cleansing portfolio, Mele leads Dove’s Skin Cleansing portfolio – the
biggest piece of Unilever’s global personal care business with nearly $2.5 billion in revenue.

Originally from Argentina, Mele is a champion for women, working parents and representation at Unilever. For over 20 years, Mele has been a driving force behind Dove’s groundbreaking global marketing approach, impacting nearly all men’s and women’s categories on the brand across markets including the US, China, India, Brazil, and Japan. She affectionately says her leadership style is to “bring soul and emotion” to everything she does, which is exceedingly apparent in the direction she has pushed the Dove Skin Cleansing business in becoming one of the most purposeful in the industry.

While Mele acts as a mentor and leader to dozens of women across the globe, she has found a unique way to break through contrasting cultures and has coached women from Brazil, India, China and the U.S. to find their voice, take a seat at the table and continue growing their careers while juggling work, life and raising a family. Leading by example is important for Mele, especially as a mother of 3 daughters, all of whom were born throughout her career at Unilever. Although Mele says she doesn’t believe it’s possible to “do it all”… she has modeled an approach that is real and authentic and has helped many women bridge their personal and professional goals.