Rafe Petkovic

Chief Revenue Officer

Klarna US

Rafe Petkovic is Chief Revenue Officer of Klarna, US where he leads the sales, business development, partnerships, marketing, product and sales operations teams to build Klarna as the leading global payments and shopping platform.


Rafe loves the never ending challenge retailers face to understand and influence their consumers. His unique perspective has been refined through global product/technology, sales, merchandising and operations leadership experience. From founding his own business while in college, to growing some of the world’s most innovative brands, such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Google, Jet.com, and Walmart eCommerce, Rafe continues to focus on solving problems for consumers and retailers.


Rafe has led multi-billion P&Ls across multiple categories, go-to-market scenarios and sales opportunities, most recently focused on overcoming the challenges of competing in the US eCommerce market. He is a self described curious learner, aspiring overachiever, passionate ally to previous employer diversity initiatives (Women@Google, Walmart’s Black Associate Resource Group), and will happily engage in vigorous conversation on topics ranging from today’s consumer to British Bulldogs.