What began as an industry niche has evolved into a mainstream category, one that is quite competitive. As with most things, with growth comes evolution, especially around the definition of Clean Beauty. At its core, Clean Beauty connotes a product free from synthetic chemicals and other ingredients that can harm one’s skin. However, how have attitudes toward Clean Beauty changed? How do these attitudes differ across social media platforms? And, what is motivating consumers to reach for Clean Beauty products over others?

The answers to these questions might change depending on whom you ask or where you look. Consumers on Instagram, according to research by Social Standards, leverage Clean Beauty primarily for one facet of their beauty routine: skin care. And conversations on the platform are most likely to mention terms such as skin appearance, glowing skin, and skin care routine.

On the other hand, TikTok users leverage Clean Beauty products in more diverse ways. For example, on TikTok, clean living is most significant to Clean Beauty conversations. And, according to Social Standards, topics such as body care, hair care, and clean girl aesthetic are all more likely to be mentioned in Clean Beauty conversations on TikTok, compared to the category’s conversations on Instagram.

What Clean Beauty has in common across both Instagram and TikTok is changing attitudes around efficacy and accessibility. Consumers across the map are increasingly demanding that Clean Beauty products yield actual results. Finally, Clean Beauty is growing in significance with lower-income consumers across both platforms, which could mean that the perception of Clean Beauty is pivoting from luxury to one that is more accessible. “Our research is showing that consumers’ perception of Clean Beauty is changing, especially as different perspectives of the category across Instagram and TikTok begin to influence one another,” says Manon Davies, an analyst at Social Standards. “It’s crucial for CPG brands to understand these nuances in order to stay ahead of the game and out of the mud.”

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