These days, the beauty industry is increasingly looking to TikTok as a top source of inspiration and insight for brands. Massive amounts of video content feature consumers demonstrating makeup application techniques, showcasing product knowledge, and featuring trending looks, proving there are many ways for brands to incorporate this content into their strategies.

However, with so much content available, it can be challenging for brands to know which content to follow and how to utilize it effectively. To address this issue and help streamline strategies, Spate has recently launched TikTok data, allowing brands to quantify and analyze the trends driving consumer interest across the platform.

The latest TikTok Makeup Trends Report from Spate identifies the fastest-growing makeup trends and brands on the platform. For example, the “baddie” makeup look can inspire brands to create relevant tutorials using their products, while trending concealer brushes can spotlight how consumers prefer to apply their makeup.

In addition to focusing trends, the report also showcases top growth brands, offering valuable insights for other players in the space looking to understand what their competitors are doing to succeed in a saturated market.

“While TikTok can be exciting and resourceful, it can also be overwhelming. Our goal at Spate is to give brands a way to analyze TikTok trends without getting lost in the sea of content. The report shows that despite the mysterious algorithms that populate users’ [For You Pages], consumers exhibit continuity, and different themes emerge,” says Olivier Zimmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Spate. “TikTok serves as makeup UX research and demonstrates how broad consumer bases are using popular application methods and brands to achieve their desired looks regardless of differing aesthetics.”

Brands can use these insights to inform their social media, marketing, and product development strategies. With Spate TikTok data refreshed weekly, there will never be a shortage of inspiration