Each year, Traackr’s State of the Influencer Beauty Report shares data and insights from its influencer marketing platform that highlights the most impactful strategies and trends used by top brands and influencers. For 2023, Traackr found that the platform wars are only just heating up: social commerce boomed for beauty brands in 2022, but more influencers are looking to diversify their revenue streams with a bigger stake in their own brands for greater ownership over content and reach.

Overall, beauty brands will need to focus on building longer term relationships with creators to improve retention and drive ROI from collaborations. Below, a few other highlights from the 2023 Beauty State of Influence include:

  • Beauty industry performance by category and platform: Traackr found that sponsored influencer content decreased from the prior year, but the surge in consumption of short-form video content has continued.
  • Top beauty brands in the US, UK, France and Germany: Traackr ranks the top 10 beauty brands in the US, UK, France and Germany by Brand Vitality Score (VIT) – Traackr’s metric that helps you understand how content mentioning your brand performs, taking into account visibility, impact, and brand trust – with an in-depth look at the strategies that leading brands like Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury and Lancôme are implementing to create sophisticated and valuable influencer marketing programs.
  • Emerging social beauty trends: From the Wednesday Addams-inspired “soft goth” aesthetic to story time “Get Ready With Me” videos, Traackr provides the top content trends that are on the rise with influencers.

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