Since its meteoric rise to platform fame, TikTok has become a treasure trove of skin care tips, tricks, and product recommendations. It’s an exciting time for brands seeking more visibility and engagement, but with a never-ending sea of content, finding actionable TikTok insights can seem daunting.

Enter Spate TikTok data — which is refreshed on a weekly basis — providing brands with the opportunity to capitalize on trends before they flame out. In this latest Skincare Trends Report, Spate takes a deep dive into the skin care trends and brands driving the most significant month-over-month growth across the platform. They also analyze related hashtags that are seeing interest across trending products.

This month’s top-viewed product trends include eye-catching foaming cleansers, the now-ubiquitous acne patch, and serious treatments like trichloroacetic acid [TCA] peels to smooth skin. Brands must stay on top of both format and formulation, as the emergent theme of products with visual appeal or a “Big Reveal” emphasizes the importance of product aesthetics.

Trending brands also have something to show skin care experts, marketers, social media managers, and chemists alike. According to Yarden Horwitz, co-founder of Spate, “Wrinkles Schminkles and Tripollar are among the top trending skin care brands on TikTok. These brands capitalize on the growing trust consumers place in dermatologists who come to TikTok to praise and/or debunk certain skin care accessories and devices. As such, brands without a derm on their content team should consider partnering with an expert.”

Armed with this information, brands can market their products more effectively and identify influencer collaborations that resonate with their target audience. So the next time you come across a skin care tip or product recommendation on your TikTok feed, remember that consumers are paying attention and watching for the next trend that will enhance their routines.