Spate’s 2023 Holiday Beauty Trends Report reveals how consumers are all about finding the perfect balance between practicality and glamour. On the lookout for products that not only make them look fabulous but are travel-friendly, the rise of compact dryers and portable stick formats, for example, highlights this desire.

Shoppers are also embracing the idea of self-expression and holistic well-being in their beauty routines. Hair care trends include scalp care, with scalp detoxes that promote a healthy foundation for luscious locks. Travel hair dryers and dry shampoos are becoming must-haves for those on the move, providing convenience without compromising on style.

Skin is taking center stage with treatments aimed at helping individuals look their best for the holiday season, with ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid gaining popularity for their nourishing properties, giving skin that coveted holiday glow.

Makeup enthusiasts are focusing on achieving a flawless complexion and enhancing their look with captivating cat-eye lashes. This trend has appeared twice in Spate’s annual trends report and continues to be a top performer in consumer searches. Furthermore, these trends aim to bring an extra touch of bling to holiday appearances, making every moment sparkle.

Nail art is embracing a mix of creative designs, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style in festive and eye-catching ways. Fragrance trends are equally enticing, with long-lasting scents and alluring options like pheromone perfumes adding an enchanting aura to holiday gatherings.

In the realm of body care, cold plunges and ice baths are gaining traction for their rejuvenating effects. These invigorating practices promise to refresh the body, providing a unique self-care experience during the busy holiday season.

Brands must heed this year’s holiday beauty trends, emphasizing revitalizing treatments and on-the-go solutions. Spate Co-founder Yarden Horwitz adds, “The allure of festive glamour remains essential, inspiring products and routines that amplify individual radiance. These trends underscore the perfect opportunity for brands to empower consumers, celebrating their confidence and beauty during the holiday season.”

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