TikTok is the driving force behind many beauty trends — and hair care is no exception. So that industry insiders can grasp the trends as fast as they are happening — and beyond someone’s For You Page [FYP] — data provider Spate has integrated TikTok data into its dashboard this month yielding TikTok Hair Care Trends Report from Spate. The addition quantifies and highlights trends, ultimately saving users time spent endlessly scrolling through videos.

Included in the report is a special focus on two trending hair care brands that address curly and textured hair, providing insights into their strategies and success. One is Lottabody, a salon classic loved for its ability to help with a wet set and waving. The other is Innersense Organic Beauty, a brand known for salon-quality products with a clean beauty positioning and messaging.

Also included in the report are popular TikTok hair care trends, including purple shampoo, deep conditioner, and hair growth oil, all of which have gained significant attention and engagement, reflecting growing consumer demand. While what rises to the top can move the needle, it’s also important to watch out for what’s next. To that end, Spate uncovers moderately viewed trends, highlighting new opportunities for brands to tap into niche markets. For example, vegan shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and blue shampoo are hair care products catering to specific consumer preferences and showing growth potential.

“With these latest insights from TikTok, brands can understand trends specific to different hair types, enabling them to tailor product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. The trends shown act as a guide for refreshing heritage brands. By leveraging creative content that resonates with a broad consumer base, brands can adapt to the evolving market, attracting new audiences while retaining existing customers,” says Spate co-founder, Yarden Horwitz.

Beyond benefiting the hair care industry, these rising TikTok trends also open avenues for product and device development. By analyzing emerging trends identified and their top related hashtags, entrepreneurs and innovators can identify market gaps and create products that align with these trends.