There’s no shortage of information online when it comes to hair styling and coloring — and consumers are definitely searching for the latest tips, tricks, and trends. Despite becoming more comfortable with at-home solutions as an alternative to salon visits during the pandemic, consumer search behavior indicates that gaps of knowledge still exist. To get the best expert hair advice, Spate partnered with the pros at Mane Addicts for their latest report on hair search trends.

“Our collaboration with Mane Addicts combines data storytelling with stylist expertise. The report provides a framework that hair brands can use to curate content and market products that resonate with consumers,” explains Yarden Horwitz, Co-founder.

“Using search data coupled with machine intelligence, Spate can identify consumer questions and concerns. Mane Addicts weighs in with expert knowledge and experience. Brands need both perspectives to better serve their consumers.”

Noting the role stylists play across the hair category, brands should make it a priority to build relationships not only with their direct customers but with these stylists, as well. Whether through products or training, there are many ways to support consumers and earn trust.

This report explores how consumers are turning to the internet for hair coloring and styling solutions. Search data indicates that consumers are expressing their hunger for individuality through hair colors and styles. Whether they’re turning to nostalgic trends — including Winona Ryder’s 90s-era bixie (bob + pixie) and boy band-esque frosted tips — or to bold colors like skunk stripe hair, they’re opting for unique, visible changes to make them stand out.

Brands can use this information to understand the looks consumers are going after, which they can they utilize by incorporating new trending language into their marketing strategies, reminding consumers which products maintain and protect color or build and refresh styles.

With a whole new year ahead, now is the time to help consumers freshen their dos. To learn the latest on the top trending styles and colors, be sure to check out Spate’s latest report.