The beauty industry is always changing, and it’s crucial for brands to keep up with what consumers want in order to stay successful. Nowadays, people are looking for ingredient-driven products that cater to their individual needs, and brands that prioritize innovation and expertise have an advantage.

According to searches, consumers are seeking clinical solutions and barrier-support ingredients to take care of their skin. They’re also interested in ingredients that support hair health and appearance. Increasing interest in scents and flavors in body care and skin care reflects the growing importance of the application experience. If brands can create products that address these needs, they’ll stand out in a crowded market.

This report combines Spate’s data and insights with the scientific expertise and ingredient knowledge of Symrise so brands can walk away with an understanding of the latest trends, the benefits of different ingredients, and recommendations to stay top of mind using innovative ingredient technology.

“Brands that prioritize ingredient-driven products will appeal to consumers who want products tailored to their needs. At Spate, we’re excited to share the insights we’ve gathered along with the expert advice from Symrise — a trusted force in the field of cosmetic ingredients — to help brands better serve their customers’ needs and preferences,” says Yarden Horwitz, Co-Founder of Spate.

Knowledge and innovation are key factors that can make or break a brand in the beauty industry. Brands that focus on developing ingredient-driven products that meet specific consumer needs and offer a great experience will set themselves apart from the competition. By tapping into scientific expertise and staying on top of the latest ingredient trends, brands can continue to provide value to their customers and thrive in the ever-changing beauty industry.