Kosas has created a wide range of beloved and award-winning products after starting with just a few lipstick shades at its inception in 2015. Revealer Concealer, the TikTok famous concealer worn by your favorite celebs (Hailey Bieber, Ashley Tisdale, and Kim Kardashian) and makeup artists, has won over 20 awards since 2019, including 2022 Byrdie Eco Awards, 2021 Allure Best of Beauty Awards, and Women’s Health Beauty Awards 2020. In 2023 Kosas launched its first-ever SPF, DreamBeam. At launch, it quickly became the #2 SPF on sephora.com, outpacing other long-time cult-favorite SPFs on the market. Kosas garnered >120M influencer impressions in DreamBeam’s launch month. Kosas experienced triple-digit growth in retail sales last year.