The news cycle has been dizzying and at times overwhelming this week, but when it comes to the biggest headlines in the beauty and business worlds, here’s what you need to know. Today, March 30, we have Apple rolling out its “buy now, pay later scheme”, the newest generation of the Kardashian clan setting her sites of skin care (and opinions on whether or not she should be), and Google debuts its “Ads Transparency Hub” as the pressure builds from state and federal regulators about the company’s advertising business. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Good Weird Aims to Build a Genderless Beauty Hub for Gen-Z Customers. With actor Evan Mock on board as creative director, the brand launched on Wednesday with three hybrid makeup/skin-care products aimed at “beauty outsiders” and the “cosmetically curious”. (WWD)

Google Will Launch Ad Transparency About Ads Amid Growing Biden Administration Scrutiny. The search engine now offers greater visibility with its “Ads Transparency Hub”, a searchable archive of the last 30 days of ads, providing information on the format, the region it ran in, and the company behind it. (Fast Company)

Does North West Really Need Her Own Skin-Care Line? The Kardashian-Jenner family has filed a trademark in her daughter’s name for a skin-care range, but it raises the question: do nine-year-olds really need an elaborate skin-care routine? (Glamour)

Apple Launches a Buy Now, Pay Later Service. Designed with the user’s “financial health” in mind, Apple’s flexible payment scheme comes with no interest and no fees. (Hypebae)

‘My Boss Calls Me ‘Sis’ and I Want Him to Stop’. The Cut’s career-advice columnist helps navigate how to handle microaggressions in the workplace when those microaggressions are coming from your boss. (The Cut)

Are the Best Innovations For Society Those That Are Non-Disruptive? Speaking to the authors behind Blue Ocean Strategy and Beyond Disruption, Forbes explains non-disruptive innovation and the positive effects it can have on the economy, as well as on society as a whole. (Forbes)

British Intimate Care Brand Luna Daily Raises $3.7M, Readies For U.S. Debut at Sephora. Founded by the global head of brand marketing at Charlotte Tilbury, Luna Daily will enter the US via Sephora, targeting the premium end of the sexual wellness market. (Beauty Independent)