When the original Kiehl’s flagship opened in New York City’s East Village in 1851, Amazon was 143 years out from being created in a Seattle garage.

This fact isn’t lost on John Reed, General Manager of Kiehl’s Since 1851. “Even though Kiehl’s has a strong heritage, the brand is always modernizing and staying relevant,” he said. Since relevance could be considered synonymous with Amazon in 2024, Kiehl’s has planted its stake on the marketplace with a distinctly unique look and an elevated customer experience.

“We really protect the generous, rich, detailed experience that customers have with the brand, especially at our stores, but also on Kiehls.com. We’re still quite selective about retail partners since Kiehl’s is not meant to be an everywhere brand. We had to be very intentional and very deliberate to make sure that it was the right time for the brand and the right time in terms of Amazon’s capability to offer an enhanced customer experience,” Reed explained.

The Kiehl’s Amazon Premium Beauty storefront has been more than 18 months in the making. Reed shared, “It takes time to develop a premium brand experience on Amazon, and a lot of creativity has been put into the storefront and product page experience. We really focused on the expression of the brand and bringing an apothecary identity to the Amazon platform. Customers may be shopping on Amazon, but we have one of the most branded storefronts. The level of detail about product usage, product routines, features, and benefits are expressed in a way that is extremely unique.”

Ali Kole, Head of Premium Beauty at Amazon, echoed this sentiment. “Premium beauty brands have beautiful stories to tell, and our shopping experience helps them communicate what makes them and their products special. We’ve elevated Amazon Premium Beauty brand stores to make the customer experience more engaging and easier to shop, such as building features that help customers shop a specific look, browse new arrivals and collections, and engage with shoppable images and video, and we see an increase in customer engagement when customers shop our elevated Premium Beauty brand stores.”

Kiehl’s joins dozens of prestige beauty brands that are now sold in the Premium Beauty storefront including AmorePacific, Beautystat, Caudalie, Malin + Goetz, and Olaplex. To much fanfare, Clinique launched on the platform in April

On the Amazon storefront, customers can find a curated collection of iconic Kiehl’s favorites and new innovations. This includes brand heroes such as the Ultra Facial Cream, Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Mask, Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner and Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash — along with recent launches such as Better Screen UV Serum SPF 15, Truly Targeted Acne Clearing Serum and Clearly Corrective Triple Acid Peel.

Among the other advanced features of the Kiehl’s Amazon storefront is its navigation. To make shopping easy for customers, they can search Kiehl’s offerings by bestsellers, skin concerns (such as dry skin and acne) and product category. A skin quiz designed to guide customers to the ideal Kiehl’s routine for their skin and concerns is currently in development and is expected to be rolled out shortly after launch.

Reed added that customers will also be able to shop by products that have received Amazon’s Climate Pledge badge. In order to receive this recognition, the product must have sustainability certification from one of more than 50 organizations. In the case of Kiehl’s, select products are certified by Cradle to Cradle, which assures a product is made with safer materials and responsible processes to positively impact people and our planet. “This is very consistent with our brand values since Kiehl’s has been a proponent of sustainability for a long time.”

Although the brand eschewed a formal event to fete the Amazon launch, Kiehl’s and Reed are looking forward to New York City Pride, which is right around the corner. “As usual, we will be going over the top in terms of our celebration, which will include in-store events and an announcement involving one of our philanthropic causes related to Pride. The new availability on Amazon ties right in because it will be easier than ever before for people to access the brand as we continue to build more brand awareness and relevance.”

Reed also shares that Kiehl’s will be taking part in this summer’s annual Amazon Prime Day sales event. “This is essential to ensure we are top of mind for the customer, but we’ll do it in a very Kiehl’s way,” Reed promised.

Kiehl’s and Amazon Beauty have a shared desire to forge new relationships with customers and connect to a broader audience. According to Kole, “Amazon Beauty serves a hugely diverse group of over 100 million customers, each with unique needs. Customers are interacting with beauty in distinct ways, and we are making key investments to personalize their journey in our store. We see a growing popularity in gender-neutral and men’s products in the U.S., and we are responding to that as it ladders up to our goal to have an unlimited selection of beauty products that helps all customers look and feel their best. Kiehl’s is a great example of a brand that meets this need.”

“You can’t survive in beauty or skin care without modernization,” Reed said. “Kiehl’s will never forget our roots and never lose our spirit as a New York apothecary brand. With Amazon, we’re making shopping easier for people who are loyal to Kiehl’s.”