What is generative AI? Not only does McKinsey explain what generative artificial intelligence (AI) is, it also explains ChatGPT, the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence, and what problems generative AI solves. This is a great article to consume before your next digital meeting so you can inform your colleagues about what’s out there.

A CEO’s guide to the metaverse. More and more companies are investing and building in the metaverse, but is it a risk or an opportunity? McKinsey answers this question and provides a suggestion of three steps that CEOs in several sectors — both consumer and enterprise — should consider.

Stepping up: Becoming a high-potential CEO candidate. Four pieces of advice for seasoned senior executives to think about if they’re considering the top role.

Mindsets for success: Lessons from top CEOs. The most successful leaders are nimble and adopt an adaptability mindset. McKinsey lists five steps to becoming more acceptable to change.

Consumers care about sustainability – and back it up with their wallets. A joint study from McKinsey and NIQ examines sales growth for products that claim to be environmentally and socially responsible. The study also looks at consumers’ actual spending power, yielding a fact-based case for CPG companies to bring environmentally and socially responsible products to market. Creating such products turns out to be not just a moral imperative but also a solid business decision.

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