Managing capable, engaged, and consistent freelance talent is crucial to achieving sales success in today’s beauty retail space. But attracting — and retaining — the best freelance workers can be highly competitive when workers have their pick of employers. That’s where AllWork’s technology platform comes in. Having helped 50-plus beauty brands manage more than 10,000 freelancers, AllWork offers you unparalleled benefits by setting your brand apart, improving freelancer job satisfaction — and, ultimately, boosting sales. Here’s how:

AllWork gives freelancers the tech tools they need to be successful

“The AllWork app is super user-friendly, and I love how it connects me to not only my direct manager but to my entire team,” says Lila, a beauty freelancer. “I started with my current brand a few years ago and I’ve really been able to prove myself, which has translated to greater work opportunities. AllWork has improved so many aspects of my work life as a freelancer.”

Most freelancers have come to expect a brand to provide them with the technological tools they need to do their job well — and when it comes to evaluating potential employers, it can become a deciding factor. That’s why so many brands (both established and emerging) have elected to adopt AllWork’s technology, with many reporting to AllWork that they hear from their freelance teams that they are better supported, feel part of the larger company, and are able to keep their work life more organized.

Among the many upsides of using the AllWork app: It enables freelancers to easily see and respond to their schedules, to upload important sales metrics, and to access a brand’s training materials.  “You have to be ready to go out there and be the product experts for the brand, so one of my favorite features of AllWork is the mobile learning library. I love not having to go to another place to find my training materials,” says Chenel, a beauty freelancer.

AllWork gets freelance employees paid on time—and accurately

To date, 71% of freelancers report having been paid late — or not at all — by employers. And the most common reason for late payment is that companies simply don’t have the infrastructure to handle an onslaught of freelancer payments.

When you are managing thousands of freelancers across the country, you have to send them their schedules, make sure they have up-to-date educational materials, and get them paid. This can be time-consuming, confusing, and, sometimes, chaotic, for an internal team. AllWork takes the pain out of this process by onboarding, managing, and paying those workers. And building trust with your freelance team, through a transparent payment process, is one key way to attract top freelancers to your brand — and keep them.

Finally, the AllWork team also onboards all freelance talent and managers, getting them up to speed on using the software, including all the mobile apps (one app for managers and a second app for the freelancers). And there is a U.S.-based customer service team that is available to support freelancer queries on an ongoing basis.

AllWork helps freelancers feel connected to their company

Many brands have to manage large, remote freelance field teams across the U.S., potentially causing a disconnect between a manager in one city and a freelancer hundreds of miles away in another. Some brands have tried to manage this via email and texts, but that communication can often get buried or lost in the midst of other work messaging. AllWork’s app enables managers and freelancers to have one, dedicated medium for communication.

Some of the most popular features on the AllWork app includes a chat that enables instant back and forth between manager and freelancer; a GPS tag that helps ensure employees are in the right places, at the right time; and photo uploading that allows freelancers to take pictures on the sales floor they can instantly share with their managers and teams. AllWork clients have reported using those images as part of a new display, in social media, or in presentation decks.

“Having the AllWork app for my work hours, training info, and full pay history is so seamless. I feel so much more prepared for my shifts, and having a chat feature right on the app is a game-changer.  I really feel like my managers are listening to me, making me feel included — and that feels great,” says Kelsey, a beauty freelancer.

To learn more about how AllWork can help you onboard, manage, and pay your in-store freelancers, please email