We’re just a week away from a change in season and that means #fruitgirlsummer has started its transition into #grocerygirlfall. While makeup and skin care trends are changing quicker than the color of the leaves, teletracking firm ViralMoments has you covered. An analysis of the latest social videos show that creators are currently sharing the best tips and tricks to help the masses maintain a year-round glow and complement the creamy, dreamy Soft Girl aesthetic.

Kicking this off is a new DIY-friendly Honey Lip trend that’s giving all gloss, no glam at 10 million views and counting. ViralMoments is also seeing a whole lot of Hailey Bieber-approved organic oils (Rosehip Oil is top ranked), minimalist 2-4-2 Makeup techniques, and Tubing Mascaras that are cruelty-free, tear proof, and Menty B-proof. Alix Earle continues to be *a* voice of *a generation,* her recs joining the ranks of Bieber, and more recently, quiet luxury queen Sophia Richie Grainge. Speaking of quiet luxury – Lancôme is taking over FYPs with their brand partnerships: their Idole Liner is the hot new must-have on every MUA’s vanity.

Meanwhile, makeup lovers who still secretly hoard their Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palettes can look forward to an eyeliner comeback thanks to a super-viral #canthaltilt filter (an eyeliner hack that assists users with liner application suited to their eye and face shape) with over 240 million views, and a #villainmakeup (sexy, sultry) transition trend. “All around, we’re seeing skin care stans increasingly put quality over quantity as bestsellers become creators’ best bets,” said ViralMoment creator Chelsie Hall.

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