Undeniably, TikTok has accelerated the spread of many trends, including Douyin Makeup [shimmery eyeshadow, pigmented pink blush, and blurred lips], among others. However, nailing down the platform’s impact beyond the bounds of entertainment — for example, on sales — can be tough.

In this report, “Spate + Circana: Exploring Makeup Trends Across TikTok, Search, and Sales”, Spate triangulates search, TikTok, and sales data with the goal of gaining a more holistic view of trends capturing consumer interest to understand how their growth impacts the sales of relevant products.

The goal? For brands to walk away with a template for building trends that entertain as much as they encourage consumer engagement from search to purchase. By connecting the dots between what’s trending on TikTok, what people are searching for, and what products are flying off the shelves, readers can see immediately how trends impact sales and consumer engagement.

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at what the report reveals:

  • Though Korean skin care often features multiple steps, face serums seem to be the key component of the regimen, according to Circana, who found face serum sales (particularly hydrating ones) have grown double digits since last year.
  • Clean Girl Makeup is a subtle and delicately sculpted look that appears effortless while often requiring several products. Circana says sales for products like lip oil, liquid blush, and eyebrow gel have benefitted from their positioning alongside trending looks.
  • Douyin Makeup uses various products that give skin a soft matte and flushed appearance. Application accessories like powder puffs are essential for the technique. Circana reports that sales for liquid blush, powder puffs, and setting powder are on the rise.

In addition to these insights, Spate and Circana’s experts delve into the real-life implications for brands. You’ll discover which trends are not only piquing interest but also driving sales across relevant products.

“New trends abound in today’s fast-paced beauty market, and each brings with it a new theory around ‘how’ and ‘why,’” said SVP and Global Beauty Industry Advisor, Larissa Jensen. “This report serves as a single source of truth to quantify and validate the assumptions, allowing brands and retailers to understand how digitally born trends translate into actual sales, so they have a fact-based competitive advantage.”