As we enter the fall season, Spate is discovering an uptick in searches for makeup looks that indicate exciting insights into this year’s Halloween beauty trends. It’s already evident—based on search trends—that consumers are gearing up to get exceptionally creative with their makeup choices as an integral part of their costumes.

Two major blockbusters, “The Little Mermaid” and “Barbie,” are set to make a big splash on October 31. However, it’s not just about blockbuster movies; traditional Halloween makeup looks remain as popular as ever.

According to Spate search data, “mermaid makeup,” “cat face makeup,” “crying makeup,” “simple skeleton makeup,” and “Barbie makeup” ranked as the makeup looks with the highest increases in search for the month. That said, the most searched makeup trend was “goth makeup” followed by “mermaid makeup.”

As for product, the makeup types receiving the highest increases in search are “glow in the dark face paint,” “glitter lips,” “pink eyebrows,” “freckle pen,” and holographic lip gloss.” The most searched makeup products during the month were “face paint” followed by “face gems.”

For brands that had the foresight to collaborate with “Barbie” for the film launch, now is the ideal time to capitalize on social media to sell-through their products.

“Brands and creators [should be making] simple Halloween makeup tutorials and product recommendations for those who may not be certified MUAs,” says Yarden Horwitz, Spate Co-Founder.

Moreover, the top trending products reveal another avenue for brands to explore, demonstrating how year-round products such as holographic lip gloss and red mascara can be used in a festive and imaginative way.

“As witnessed in the past, consumers are not shy about dressing up for special occasions, whether it’s attending the “Barbie” movie or a Taylor Swift concert. With Halloween around the corner, we anticipate people will seize the holiday as yet another reason to unleash their creative spirits,” adds Horwitz.

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