Every year Firmenich Fine Fragrance gives consumers a glimpse into the future with an annual presentation, Mind Nose + Matter. This year’s content falls under the theme, RE|GENERATION, and how the power of scent looks to improve wellbeing. Results for the presentation are based on data yielded by four key proprietary research studies, including Conscious Consumer, Premium Wellbeing, COVID-19 Social Media Insights and Post-COVID-19 Surveys. The five socio-cultural trend platforms resulting from the Mind Nose + Matter RE|GENERATION presentation include: 

  • Reunion – A desire to return to one’s roots, exploring the nature/nurture connection, highlighting biodegradable and renewable fragrances.
  • Innocence – Embracing the wonder of the unknown through unstructured play, featuring a brand-new Firmenich Smell-the-Taste.
  • Order – A need to relieve anxiety; finding structure through calmness and control, touching on antibacterial claims and the use of artificial intelligence to bridge humans and machines.
  • Danger – Harnessing chaos to create new states of arousal, fantasy and bliss, with radical new addictions and indulgences.
  • Revelation – A state of rebirth and balance that creates a sustainable environment, exploring Firmenich’s new White Biotechnology ingredients and upcycling.

Consumers can experience the program in the comfort of their homes through a fully digital experience including invitation-only webinars and a bespoke Mind Nose + Matter booklet, by visiting https://regeneration.firmenich.com/.