Influencers have had a significant impact on the beauty industry and one company is looking to build on this explosive growth by creating a subscription-based makeup collection in partnership with top Youtube stars. Deck of Scarlet, a new player in the ever-growing beauty box space, is the brainchild of the founders of Scentbird who are now aiming to address consumers’ desire to recreate makeup looks of their favorite Youtubers with just one palette.

“When you look at the videos of some vloggers it can take up to 37 products just to create one look,” explained the brand’s co-founder, Rachel ten Brink. “Most women can’t afford to buy all of those products without breaking the bank.”

Each palette will be delivered to subscribers bimonthly for $29.95, and includes colors for lips, eyes and cheeks that are meant to work across all skin tones. The sleek, black packaging opens up with a notecard to introduce the season’s Youtube expert, referred to as an “artist-in-chief,” along with a link to an instructional video on how to use the enclosed palette.

“Education is very important to our brand,” Rachel explained. “Every palette has a video that is hosted on the artist’s channel as well as on the Deck of Scarlet website so customers can always go back and locate the tutorials long after the mailing.”

The artist-in-chiefs don’t just film how-to videos, they are also instrumental in selecting the shades, names and have complete freedom to create the makeup looks they post. In addition to building buzz through the featured influencer partner, other digital stars are gifted with the palettes, as the brand is relying heavily on social media and word of mouth as its main marketing tools. However, quality remains a primary focus.

“Although the influencer partnerships are highly valuable, the product must be able to stand on its own two feet,” said Rachel. To that end, Deck of Scarlet features high-quality dimensional pigments and luxurious creamy textures that are meant to “wow” the consumer.

Since founding Scentbird in 2014 with partners Mariya Nurislamova, Sergei Gusev and Andrei Rebrov, Scentbird has achieved more than 416 percent growth in under a year and is one of the fastest growing beauty subscriptions on the market. Unlike Scentbird, which samples established brands, Deck of Scarlet is its own makeup line, which presents new challenges.

“Scentbird is a platform for millennials to discover new fragrances and brands through the influencers we partner with,” explained Rachel. “Deck of Scarlet is about connecting consumers with the high-quality makeup they crave, supported by the content they want. There is obviously the challenge of building our brand from scratch, but that is also the fun and opportunity. Cosmetics is a larger category but more crowded. Regardless of the competitive landscape, we always strive to innovate and create unique offerings that fit what the customer wants.”

A limited quantity of the first Deck of Scarlet palette featuring influencer Kelly Strack became available this week.