Ashley Kuhn, PhD

Director, Responsible Sourcing, Global Beauty Purchases

P&G Beauty

Ashley Kuhn, PhD leads the design of P&G Beauty’s Responsible Sourcing purchasing program. A plant biologist by training, Ashley leverages her scientific background and a decade of experience across regulatory compliance, ingredient environmental safety, sustainability assessment, and responsible procurement to guide internal teams and external business partners in implementing sustainability solutions and programs for brands like Herbal Essences, Pantene and Olay. A constant advocate for sustainability, her insights and expertise have informed projects ranging from a composting program enabling 2,000+ employees to reduce landfill waste at P&G’s largest technical facility, to creation of P&G Beauty’s Responsible Sourcing Expectations, a blueprint for procuring goods and services in a manner that respects human rights, conserves natural resources, and protects natural ecosystems.


Ashley’s love of nature is a core value she embraces in both her personal and professional life. Along with her partner Dave, she acts as land steward to their wooded property in Cincinnati, OH named Lost Fossil Forest. Hiking with her family or taking trips to National Parks are some of her favorite ways to spend time outside of work.