D'Andre Michael

D’Andre Michael

Makeup Artist

D'Andre Michael Inc.

The journey of D’Andre Michael, a native of Peoria, Illinois, into the beauty industry
began with his apprenticeship under the esteemed Paul Mitchell Stylist Carol
Morrow and celebrity makeup artist Gwynnis Mosby in Atlanta. However, his true
inspiration came in the form of a friendship with the legendary Kevyn Aucoin, who
advised him to forge his own identity in the industry. This invaluable advice
continues to influence D’Andre’s career to this day.

Determined to turn his dreams into reality, D’Andre set his sights on New York City,
where his reputation as an artist quickly earned him the admiration of some of the
most famous personalities in entertainment. He was soon in high demand from
prestigious fashion and beauty magazines, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harpers
Bazaar, and InStyle Magazine, as well as countless music videos, album covers,
commercials, and fashion campaigns. His collaborations with renowned directors
and photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson, Annie Leibowitz,
Odette Sugarman, Mike Ruiz, Lionel Deluy, and Klinko & Indrani further cemented
his status as a sought-after talent.

His remarkable success has made him a dream come true for aspiring stars, as
he has been featured on It Factor, Access Hollywood, E-Television, BET, MTV,
and various behind-the-scenes clips and features. D’Andre’s talent extends
beyond makeup and hair artistry, as he is also a gifted writer and guest contributor
to some of today’s top magazines.

In his quest for self-discovery and growth, D’Andre launched his own brand, by
d’andremichael, which features a luxury line of candles sold in high-end resorts
and spas all over the country. He also founded U.G.L.Y. Girl Cosmetics
(Undeniably Gorgeous Lovely and Young), which seeks to redefine the meaning
of “ugly” by empowering girls and women to appreciate their true beauty beyond
societal standards.

As a self-taught photographer, D’Andre’s work has captured the attention of A-list
clientele, magazines, product companies, and more. With several album and
magazine covers, feature spreads, and advertisements under his belt, he is now
working on three beauty books that aim to inform and visually stun readers.
Furthermore, he has partnered with three highly successful celebrity makeup
artists to launch a revolutionary high-end global cosmetics line.

D’Andre’s works exemplify that true beauty radiates from within, and he remains
committed to exploring the depths of his craft and expanding his artistry. Despite
his remarkable success, he remains humble and forever strives for excellence in
all his works, knowing that there is always more to be learned and more to be done.

D’Andre currently serves as one of New Beauty Magazine’s
NewBeauty Brain Trust: The thinkers, the innovators and the
highly regarded experts who help generate the ideas for
everything beauty.