Kate DiCarlo

Senior Director, Communications

P&G Personal Care

Kate DiCarlo is a seasoned PR professional, most known for her strategic and creative vision and inspiring her teams to challenge the status quo of the role PR and influencer play to uncover the next big innovation for consumers, brands and social platforms. Kate has almost two decades of experience reinventing communications strategies that help some of the world’s largest and most iconic brands reinvent their image, build relevancy and drive sales.

As Senior Director of Communications and Influencer for P&G’s portfolio of personal care brands, Kate oversees a team of professionals tasked with creating PR and Influencer strategies to win the hearts and minds of consumers across seven different brands. These iconic brands include Old Spice, Secret, Olay Body, Native, Ivory, Safeguard and Gillette Personal Care.

Prior to her work in Personal Care, Kate led the PR, influencer and experiential strategies central to the turnaround of the Olay skin care brand in 2017, which previously experienced nearly a decade of decline. As an architect of the new strategy, Kate’s work reinvented Olay, introduced the brand to a new generation of women, and directly contributed to consecutive years of growth on the brand.

In addition to her recent work on Olay, Kate brings almost 18 years of diverse PR experience at Procter & Gamble, including strategic orchestration and communications planning for 7 different Super Bowl campaigns. From teaching children in the Philippines about healthy handwashing to understanding how a young man chooses the right deodorant, Kate has a thirst for creating an intersection between brand, consumer and culture. Known for her ability to create authentic partnerships that deliver for all parties, Kate has extensive experience working with influencers, celebrities, athletes, third party organizations and national media outlets.

During her time in Corporate Media Relations, Kate led the media training of all C-Suite executives, worked on financial, acquisition and divestiture announcements and acted as a P&G company spokesperson.

In her spare time, Kate has a passion for inspiring and mentoring other working moms to achieve their dreams for career and family. Kate also volunteers her PR time and talent to support the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia, a small non-profit dedicated to connecting those touched by the rare disorder through education, support and research. Kate’s biggest passion is enjoying the daily adventure of life with her husband, Carlo and their two sons, Sal and Nino.