During the pandemic, consumer hair care and hair color trends evolved significantly. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, consumers stayed at home and embraced low-maintenance hair routines. As the world moves past the pandemic, new hair color trends are beginning to emerge across the globe. Perfect Corp.’s 2022 Global Beauty Trend Report explores virtual hair color try-on data from the award-winning YouCam suite of apps to spotlight the biggest hair color trends and consumer behaviors from around the world.

 Here Comes The Big Data: 

  • Perfect Corp.’s 2022 Global Beauty Trend Report reveals the top hair color trends from around the world, including the increased popularity of vivid hair colors as well as a shift toward low-maintenance, natural shades such as gray and brunette tones.
  • The report also explores the rise of AI and AR-powered virtual try-on tools as consumers seek out cool hair inspiration online, as well as the growing emphasis on sustainability in the hair color industry.
  • A new focus on hair health, as consumers embrace natural hair color shades and caring routines that will preserve the hair’s condition and minimize damage

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