Eyecue Insights, an AI-powered marketing intelligence platform for visual content, has published a report that analyzes the impact of the BLM movement and the current state of visual diversity in the beauty industry.

Data analysis for this report was performed with Eyecue’s Diversity Monitor, a unique AI tool that can track visual diversity evolution in social media using proprietary image recognition technology and skin tone algorithms.

Some key insights of the report include:

  • There is a historic under-representation of dark skin tones in the social media feeds of beauty brands.
  • The share of darker skin tone images posted by beauty brands grew by 122% from May to June 2020, following the rise in anti-racist sentiment powered by the BLM movement, but in the following months this share dropped back to pre-BLM numbers.
  • Around 20% of content posted by beauty brands in 2020 was created by influencers and users. Influencer & User Generated Content featuring dark skin tones grew but remains a small share of this type of content.
  • For every 4 light skin tone influencers featured on beauty brands’ feeds, there is only 1 dark skin tone influencer.
  • Since the start of 2021 brands have consistently posted more content featuring darker skin tones suggesting a lasting impact of the events of 2020.