Many of the trends that bolstered indie brands’ performance throughout 2020, such as clean ingredients and Gen Z-friendly marketing, continued to captivate content creators in Q1 2021. ILIA and Paula’s Choice surged ahead with good-for-you, good-for-the-earth product formulas, while Kaleidos Makeup and Bad Habit saw stand-out success on social thanks to hype from next-gen influencers. Color Wow was bolstered by celebrated stylist and creative director Chris Appleton, and As I Am emerged as a go-to brand for curly-haired beauty enthusiasts.

In Tribe Dynamics’ Q1 2021 Indie Beauty Debrief, the firm spotlights notable indie beauty brands across cosmetics, skin care, and hair care in the U.S., along with two brands boasting standout performances in the EMEA region. This report offers exclusive insights into top-performing brands, as well as the influencers, activations, and content trends fueling their success on social media.