We’ve teamed up with Macy’s to bring you CEW Founder Fridays: Indie30! Join us for this virtual experience as we celebrate some of the Mindful Beauty Brands that have been featured in this year’s Indie30 report. Hear from the below founders on their brand stories, what inspired them to embark on their clean beauty journey and what they have in store for the future. Tune into this meaningful discussion and leave with insights on how your small business can make a mindful impact!


  • Jaclyn Diamond – Omni Buyer, Trend Skincare, Macy’s
  • Nata Dvir – Chief Merchandising Officer, Macy’s
  • Rachel James – Founder & CEO, Pear Nova
  • Nubia Rëzo – Founder & CEO, Rëzo Haircare
  • Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora – Founder, HERB + FLORA
  • Tisha Thompson, Founder & CEO, LYS Beauty
  • Desiree Verdejo – Founder & CEO, Hyper Skin