Color Charm PAINTS

Intermixable, semi-permanent color that requires no developer (peroxide free); it’s ready to use straight from tube to hair and fades beautifully on tone.

Colorista 1-Day Spray

For all hair types and colors. Temporary hair color with pure pigments. Quick spray application. This color spray for hair is out after one day.

Nice’n Easy

The first permanent color that helps block damage and conditions hair. Color fearlessly and unlock the confidence that comes with beautiful color.

Olia Darkest Red Rose

Garnier’s first oil-powered permanent hair color with no ammonia. Darkest Red Rose is shade full of deep, intense red reflects providing 100% gray coverage.

Rose Gold Temporary Tint

This is the first ever, in-shower watercolor that creates a temporary tone when sprayed on wet hair and then rinsed out.